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Blessed Furever Dog Training LLC is owned and operated by a certified professional dog trainer in Huntington, WV. It serves the Tri-State area and specializes in positive reinforcement dog training through a proven system known as Clicker Training.

A clicker is a hand held device that produces a consistently distinct sound. The sound lets your dog know exactly what behavior (action) ears the reward (reinforcement). This also allows your dog to retain what she is learning because they made the choice of what action was rewarded. The benefits of clicker/positive reinforcement training are many.

Clicker Training:

-Accelerates learning because your dog is a willing participant and partner in training
-Strengthens the owner-dog bond through the excitement of both learning new and different ways to work together
-Produces long term recall provided by the use of the click followed by the reward (reinforce) showing exactly what was well done
-Encourages creativity and initiative in both owner and dog since the interaction of both is mutual and allows for your dog to provide input using their behavior (actions)
-Forgives human mistakes by not focusing on what is going wrong but focusing on what is being done well by you and your dog as partners
-Generates enthusiastic learners for both of you since you are learning what works best for your dog, At the same time you are learning how to observe what your behavior (actions) your dog is performing that makes you happy as well as them.