Training Resources

In support of Train Your Dog Month, Blessed Furever Dog Training is happy to share these eLearning courses provided by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT):

Teoti Anderson To kick off Train Your Dog Month, here are 3 sessions from nationally known trainer and author Teoti Anderson. Teoti has the Certified Professional Dog Trainer title and has been training professionally for over 20 years. Like our trainer Robin, Teoti is a Karen Pryor Academy graduate and Certified Training Partner. Blessed Furever Dog Training was very fortunate to be able to use Teoti’s advice as a consultant as we developed our business.

Hooligans – Living With Canine Teenagers

House and Crate Training

Housetraining Basics

Ariana Kincaid This recorded webinar is from Ariana Kincaid, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner. Ariana is also certified by Operation Socialization, a membership organization of professional, positive reinforcement dog trainers and dog-friendly businesses that facilitates safe, early and effective puppy socialization.

Socializing Your Puppy Right

Here’s a subject very close to our hearts. The Chief Canine Officer of Blessed Furever Dog Training is Angel. Her ‘day job’ is being a Therapy Dog. She has a tough job; as she visits hospital patients and assisted living facility residents and listens to children practicing reading aloud people pet her and tell her she’s sweet and pretty.

Give Your Dog a Job; Service, Assistance and Therapy Dogs by Allie Phillips.

If you’ve got a Ph.D. from Harvard and you founded a Canine Cognition Center at Duke University, you must know a lot about how dogs learn. Dr. Brian Hare is an Associate Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology at Duke and has become one of the best known experts in the field of canine intelligence.

Learn How Dogs See The World by Dr. Brian Hare.

One of the most important things dog trainers need to learn is how to read and interpret the body language of dogs. This presentation by Joan Orr will teach parents what they need to teach their kids about staying safe around dogs, including some basic information about canine body language.

Dog Safety: What to Teach Your Kids by Joan Orr.

Jennifer Shyrock We have two presentations from Jennifer Shyrock about making the addition of a dog to your family a success. Jennifer is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, holds a degree in Special Education and owns Family Paws LLC in Cary NC.

The Inclusion of Family Dogs for Success: Building Dog-Child Bonds

Setting Dog and Baby Up for Success